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Software Preview


Apache Health is looking for a few more beta testers for our new denials management software.  A limited number of companies will be allowed access to the software at no cost.  This is not yet for sale and no one can buy it at this time.

If you are interested in being one of the first to get access to this denials management software that has already improved productivity, lowered costs, and increased collections for those using it in beta, please respond back and we will provide you with more information on the features and benefits and determine if you qualify.

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Denials Management Software

Your time is incredibly valuable.  But revenue collections are also incredibly important.  Denials consume an enormous amount of time typically for a billing department or billing company, not just in biller time, but in management resources if they are being analyzed and solved systematically.

But who’s got time for that?


Denials management software can reduce the workload in analyzing and solving denials issues (often large amounts of claims at time) and can identify ways to prevent these types of denials in the future, which saves even more time.  Oh, and increases collections.  That little thing.
Denials management software makes this simple, saves time, and delivers financial results.  What does denials management do? 
  • RPA pulling denials data from systems
  • Data Warehousing
  • Categorizes Claims
  • Route claims and denials to individuals or departments
  • Analyzes denial patterns
  • Identifies outliers and anomalies that can be fixed for payment
  • Quantifies and tracks performance


But this type of software is really expensive and typically out of reach for anything but the largest mega-practices or hospitals and systems.

If you could access an application that only mega practices, massive billing companies, and hospitals can afford, wouldn’t you do it?

Successful billing companies value the time of their managers and take steps to save them time so they can free up to add even more value to the billing company and get the appreciation they deserve from their clients.

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